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E.H. Co. is totally focused on Your security.

Hopefully you’ve never been a victim of cyber crime. Cyber crime is the new frontier for criminals. It’s scary what these outlaws are capable of. Who can help protect you? That’s the job of an ethical hacker. Our newly founded Hungary-based company can help you.

Ethical hackers, sometimes called penetration testers, are computer hackers.

With your permission we can use our invasive computer hacking skills to test security systems to expose weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Any loopholes or problems with security can then be fixed to help make the cyber world safer. Our job is to stay one step ahead of the bad guys – to think like cyber criminals in order to stop them. And it’s very lucrative.

Ethical hackers are experts with computers. They are able to manipulate servers, networks, operating systems, programming languages, and wireless systems to help solve security issues. The biggest skill they have is that they are able to penetrate security systems. It’s scary to think that people can do this, but ethical hackers are extremely trustworthy and pass multiple background checks – companies don’t want valuable information put in the wrong hands.

Luckily, ethical hackers use their skills for good, not evil.

Ethical hackers always have to stay on top of the latest trends, software, and hardware. New breakthroughs in security and new advancement in crimes mean the industry is always changing. Being creative and thinking outside the box are good qualities for an ethical hacker to have when they work in teams or solo.

Mr. Csaba Marjovszky



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